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A major part of a sports facilities budget is gym floor maintenance. Team-up with Quality Hardwood Floors (QHF) and one can shrink the overall expense of maintenance. QHF repairs, and refinishes, hundreds of gym floor each year.

Our proven record reduces the need for increased staffing and utilizes wholesale pricing on gym floor finish and supplies. QHF’s most important goal is maintain the performance and safety of your sports floors. By doing so, QHF puts your team back on the floor!

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Refinishing services provide a cost effective solution to ensure the best possible gym floor appearance and performance, every year. We use proven methods, high quality supplies and the latest refinishing equipment on every job. 

In the refinishing process, QHF removes unsightly marks by light-grit sanding the top layer of finish. At this the point all dust and debris is removed and game markings are touched up if needed. Again the entire surface is tacked to remove any fine dust.  Finally, a new top-finish is applied in an even coat.  The end result improves performance and overall shiny look of your gym floor.

The Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association (MFMA) suggests most gym floors should be recoated annually. Many school districts agree. Because most QHF customers schedule annual refinishing after new installs or sand-downs. 


Every once in a while, even the most cared for hardwood floor will require what QHF calls a “sand-down”.  Resurfacing a gym’s hardwood can return an older gym surface to “like-new” conditions and improve performance.

Some reasons to sand your gym floor include:

  • Finish Peeling/Chipping/Flaking
  • Water Damage
  • Change in School Logo or Color

The QHF Pros remove existing finish and game-lines resulting in bare-wood during the “sand-down”. This allows QHF to inspect the gym floor for any damaged boards or areas on the playing surface and subfloor. Next the gym floor is lightly sanded again to ensure all minor dents or scratches are removed. Once the floor is sanded and vacuumed, the sanding process is completed by sealing, court lining and finishing. 

In the best case scenario, with regular maintenance, it is recommended to sand your gym floor down to bare wood every 8-12 years. If all possible pitfalls are avoided, MFMA recommends no more than 6 total sand-downs for the approximate 75-year lifetime of a gym floor.

Quality Hardwood Floors, Inc. helps achieve the best look for your hardwood sports floor. Click here to see some of our latest Sand, Paint and Finish projects


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Hardwood gym flooring is the typical choice for competition performance in basketball, volleyball, pickleball, etc. Gym flooring systems provide shock absorption, excellent ball bounce and safe traction characteristics.  Thus, athletes rely on excellent gym floor performance for fast-play and joint (knee, ankle, etc) safety. 

Thus it is important to protect from and prepare for the many hardwood-horrors that can affect the gym floors:

  • Water Damage (HVAC Leak, Busted Pipes or Natural Disaster)
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Heavy/Negligent: Use/Abuse
  • Termites
  • Irregular/Poor Maintenance

QHF’s certified professionals  have seen, and successfully repaired, many types of hardwood floor damage. And, over the life of a gym floor, one of the above tragedies will occur. Maintain performance and safety by contacting the QHF pros at the first sign of trouble. 

QHF professionals will be able to provide immediate advice while on our way to assess your damage for free. So do not hesitate to contact us today!

Use only Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certified (IICRC) Water Damage Restoration Technicians.


New Floor Installs

There are numerous reasons for requiring a new gym floor install: new construction, age, or performing a water-damaged gym floor repair.  Quality Hardwood Floors sources the highest quality new wood gym floors available when installing new floors. Our employees are highly trained in the installation process.

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Court Layout Design

New installs, gym floor repairs and routine sanding all result in a bare-wood floor.  Some gyms request to repaint game-markings as before. While other gyms take this opportunity to update gym floor graphics (logos, lettering, etc.) and updated game markings.

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The QHF production team always sends a proof of proposed game markings and graphics for approval before painting. Do you want to preview your school’s new logo and lettering on your new court layout? Send all graphics in vector format to ensure your logo and lettering are represented correctly.