Protect Gym Floors From COVID

The emergence of the Omicron COVID-variant is exposing the ugly truth that this pandemic is not over.  The world has succumbed to the hard fact that life will not return to ‘normal’ as we knew it. Even with a growth in vaccination rates, COVID infections continue to climb.  As students return to school, many facilities will implement preventative measures to help protect gym floors from COVID and other communicable diseases.  

In this post, Quality Hardwood Floors wants to share gym-maintenance best-practices seen facilities use across the state of Texas. There are a number of steps and measures that maintenance crews can take to ensure their teams and fans can get back to play.  Again, I doubt we will ever see ‘normal’ again. But following these steps can help get athletes back on the floor safely.

Best Practices to Protect Gym Floors from COVID

Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation helps decrease the likelihood of infection in enclosed spaces. Completely replacing your facility’s HVAC system is excessive. And yet many public schools opt to replace older systems to guarantee clean ventilation. A recent Harvard Business Review article on how companies respond to the Omnicron Variant explains: “Improving ventilation doesn’t always require expensive renovations; many workplaces can add more air exchanges and improve the filtration systems on existing air-handling systems, and some can open windows.“

Limit Access

Whenever my daughters perform for their school’s dance team, or play a volleyball game, the school regulates attendance to only two guests.  This is a bummer for families, but it is a good suggestion to help stop spread and contamination.

Adequate Supplies

Many sports facilities generously have available sanitary solutions for those in attendance such as: sanitation-wipes, antibacterial hand-soap dispensers and even disposable masks.  Although, these items may be out of budget, or supply chain issues prevent availability.  So, it may be a good idea to communicate with attendees ahead of time to bring their own.

Check Water Systems

Public lavatories and locker rooms have become problematic during the pandemic. That said, it is very important to keep these areas clean and perhaps limit access.  Additionally, QHF has seen public water-fountains closed as gyms suggest participants and spectators bring their own water bottles.

Signs and Communication

Sing along with me “signs… signs…everywhere are signs, don’t do this, don’t do that”… As annoying as they are, signs give direction.  Many institutions communicate through signs. Signs can require attendees to wear masks or communicate event logistics like traffic flows that maintain social distance.

Mask-Up Non-Narticipants

I’m a fan of NBA basketball. But I am not a fan of coaches wearing masks. This is because I want to be able to read a coaches sneering lips get a technical when they light into a ref for a ridiculous call. As much as I enjoy this, I understand that side-lined participants should mask up if not actively in the game. Many gyms will highly-suggest spectators mask-up. So remember to be polite now!

Establish Strong Daily-Cleaning Routines

We’ve discussed gym floor and facility maintenance is a full-time job.  Fortunately, many facility maintenance crews have shouldered the task of strengthening daily cleaning routines in an effort to stifle the spread of communicable diseases.

Advantage Pro Sport Clean

Let’s dive deeper into the final point above: daily cleaning routines. Disinfecting your gym floors shouldn’t be something new.  Nevertheless, your cleaning crews may find themselves on the floor more frequently over the past year. The MFMA has compiled a great list of cleaning products that their finish-manufacturing members indicate can be used to kill COVID-19. As for us, Quality Hardwood Floors recommends Advantage Coating Technologies Pro Sport Clean to disinfect gym floors.

Be sure to ask our staff about bringing you some Pro Sport Clean the next time our team comes to refinish your hardwood floors.

Protect Gym Floors with Pro Sport Clean

Frequent disinfecting  will dull a hardwood sport floor. This can potentially impact the slip resistance. There are many types of disinfectant cleaners listed by the EPA for use against COVID-19. However many have not been tested on how they impact hardwood sport floor finishes. Oh, stay away from bleach too!

 Let’s go over the recommended steps for cleaning your gym floors:

  1. First, remove all equipment and dust-mop floors.
  2. Quality Hardwood Floors recommends Pro Sport Clean by Advantage Coatings.  Pro Sport Clean is a sport cleaner concentrate that can be mixed 1oz /1 gallon of water.   
  3. This cleaning mixture can be applied through tacking with a dust mop, dry-mop or damp-mop scenarios. So if you are going to apply cleaner with a wet-mop some advise you divide your gym floor into 250-500 square feet sections. Small sections are important as many cleaning products require a dwell time before drying.

Reach Out To The Pros

In conclusion, there are many ways facilities can protect gym floors from COVID.  And facility management is not limited to these suggestions above. However, if gym facilities follow the above suggestions they can decrease the spread of communicable diseases. And remember, the Quality Hardwood Floors team is just a click away.  Together, we can create safe environments that allow athletes back on the court.

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