Holland HS Gym

holland isd basketball floor

Holland HS Gym

Highschool Comp. Gym

The Holland HS gym features both stain and paint working together.  This high school competition gym for Holland ISD, uses solidly painted game standards amongst a deep-penetrating wood stain.  The dark walnut stain is used to emphasize the 3-point areas, the full border and a giant Texas silhouette behind the team logo.  The use of stain beautifully showcases the maple grain with out overpowering the floor with broad solid color.

This Holland ‘Hornet’s Nest’ features competition standards for both volleyball and basketball. The basketball standards were site-matched in the schools puple.  The gym floor features two side basketball courts in gray and volleyball “T’s & L’s” in tan.

City: Holland, Texas

Date: Spring 2022

Scope: Sand, Paint and Finish

Sq. Footage: Combined 6,800 sq. ft.