Johnson City HS Gym

Johnson City HS Gym 3d rendering

Johnson City HS Gym Floor

In the summer of 2022, the QHF teams sanded and painted the Johnson City HS gym floor.  The Johnson City HS team wanted a clean and simple floor that still made a bold statement.  They school asked us to incorporate the presidential seal as Johnson City is the birthplace of former President LBJ.

Unlike many gyms in recent years, LBJ HS wanted a solid gray Texas behind their maroon and white school logo instead of staining the Texas silhouette.  The subtle gray paint allows the presidential seal to boldly pop against the freshly sanded maple gym flooring.

The courts center logo is flanked by duo-color on-court lettering and stained 3-point areas. The 3-point arc’s were stained with a provincial wood stain. Another feature of this court is the thin 6-inch border.  Many gyms may opt for a smaller border to show more natural maple flooring.  This technique gives a larger feel to the highschool gymnasium.

City: Johnson City, Texas

Date: Summer 2022

Scope: Sand, Paint and Finish

Sq. Footage: Combined 9,640 sq. ft.