Judson Rockets HS Gym

Judson Rockets Portfolio layout

Judson Rockets HS Comp Gym

The Judson Rockets athletics program defines the term ‘perennial contenders’. Now, the HS Volleyball and Basketball teams at Judson HS have freshly refinished gym floor to match the consistent fighting spirit. In the summer of 2022, before training camps began, QHF sanded, painted and finished the high school’s competition gym.

The main court features a 26 ft. duo-stained center Judson Rockets logo. The large logo was stained with both provincial and country white wood stains.  This is complimented on each end of the court by a country white 3-point area. The main court is then highlighted by a bold red border with white lettering that lets visitors know whose court they just entered. #RocketPride!

The entire competition gym also features 1″ side basketball and volleyball practice courts.  The light gray practice lines are clearly visible while not taking away from the bold look of the main court.

City: San Antonio, Texas

Date: Summer 2022

Scope: Sand, Paint and Finish

Sq. Footage: 12,008 sq. ft.