Littleton Gym – North East ISD

Littleton Gym - NEISD


City/District: San Antonio, Texas | Littleton Gym, NEISD

Date: Summer 2021

Scope: Sand / Paint / Finish

Sq. Footage: 10,000+ sq. ft.

North East ISD is the second largest school district in the San Antonio, Tx area. At the district’s center is the Littleton Arena. This gym is a 5,000 seat basketball/volleyball arena that serves the school district for many competitive events and also meets other special needs.

North East ISD tasked Quality Hardwood Floors with sanding and refinishing the gym floor. The full court was sanded down to bare wood before applying sealant.  QHF then stained basketball lanes and painted game lines, lettering and logo under oil-based gym floor finish.