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Annual Maintenance


Annual refinishing can prolong the life of your gymnasium floor, extend the time between sand-downs, and produce the best possible playing surface.Gym Floor maintenance can be a major part of a facilities budget. Teaming with Quality Hardwood Floors, Inc can reduce the overall expense of maintenance by reducing the need for increased staffing and utilizing wholesale pricing on gym finish and supplies.Quality Hardwood Floors refinishes hundreds of gymnasium floors each year. Our refinishing services provide a cost effective solution for insuring the best possible gym floor appearance and performance.We use proven methods, high quality supplies and the latest refinishing equipment on every job.



Gymnasium floors should be sanded to bare-wood approximately every eight to ten years in order to restore to “like new” condition. All existing game lines, lettering and artwork will be removed during this process.Reasons to sand your gym floor include

  • Finish Peeling/Chipping/Flaking
  • Water Damage
  • Change in School Logo or Color

Quality Hardwood Floors, Inc. can help you achieve the best look for your particular floor.


Repairs and Water Damage

Several techniques are used in order to effectively dry hardwood flooring. Often the area to be dried is tented with plastic sheeting. The plastic is affixed to the floor with adhesive and/or duct tape. The tent decreases the volume to be dried and provides a controllavle drying enviroment.The proper application of drying techniques and equipment is not possible without accurate monitoring and data analysis. A penetrating wood moisture meter is an essential tool for any restoration project.The penetrating wood moisture meter is used to determine the moisture content (MC) of the wood, during, and after restoration. Readings are taken at both the top and bottom portions of the wood planks. The constant analysis of the wood’s physical state makes it possible to adapt and adjust drying techniques in order to properly restore the wood floor.The proper instruments provide important indications of drying progress and equipment operation necessary for complete restoration.

Why is Drying Required?

When exposed to water and high levels of humidity, the moisture content of wood increases and the wood expands. Woods greatest expansion occurs perpendicular to the grain, this causes the wood to become wider and possibly cup and buckle. Cupping occurs when the bottom of the wood becomes wet, expands and raises the edges. If cupping is not stopped the wood will eventually buckle and raise away from the sub-floor.A common mistake is to sand the cupping out of a floor. If the wood is not properly dried before sanding and refinishing, the raised edges will be removed and the wood will be permanently damaged once it dries. 

It is now possible to restore water damaged hardwood flooring and avoid costly repairs or replacement.

With the use of desiccant dehumidification, water can be removed from hardwood flooring allowing the wood to return to it’s original condition, often without sanding or refinishing.Desiccant dehumidifiers reduce moisture levels in air by passing the wet process air through a rotating silica gel impregnated rotor. Ducted air from the water damaged region is passed through silica gel, becomes dry, and is returned. This extremely dry air can have a relative humidity under 5% and is able to “pull” the moisture out of the wet wood. Desiccant dehumidification is capable of producing the dry air necessary for effective hardwood floor restoration.

Use only Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certified (IICRC) Water Damage Restoration Technicians.


New Installations

We offer the highest quality new wood gym floors available. Our employees are highly trained in the installation process. Please see the link below for detailed information about the systems available to meet your specific needs.

Basketball Court Layouts


Most teams have a specific logo and lettering style that is used in your athletic department – if you have a brand style guide please send it over.  Send all graphics in vector format – EPS or AI

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